What a menagerie

Holy Cow! The living room is a living example of a cacophony. The oldest girl is plunking out the theme to Beethoven’s Ninth, while the youngest girl is practicing how to make a sound on the piano with every finger at the same time. The youngest of all (one minute younger than his sister) is… Continue reading What a menagerie

My Family

What Do I Do Now? Welcome back! Have any kids, grandkids? I have a large family, ten children living under my roof and two who have their own families complete with their partners who are raising my five grandchildren. As you can imagine our house is always on the beastly side. Let me back up… Continue reading My Family

What Do I Do Now?

Welcome to the first post of my blog. I think an apt name might be: What Do I Do Now? Today‚Äôs post is an explanation of what might be expected from visiting here. It will be a multifarious adventure. I would use the word eclectic to describe it, but that is one of my least… Continue reading What Do I Do Now?