Karma’s the Idea

I live in the house of shenanigans. Every kid does their share of antics; that’s part of being a child. Our house has more than a handful of the little humans, and that equates to mountains of pranks. Here, dirty tricks are a way of life.

They learn early too. The two-year-old are incredible. Their teamwork makes professional athletes look like chumps. One will chatter some kind of story, or dance, or scream while the other one retrieves the chocolate, or chips, or whatever snack happens to be within their sight. Usually they can be found later at their rendezvous point enjoying their plunder.

Our home is a Karma free joint. Most of the hi jinks do not warrant the universe creating a balance. Well, maybe it does, but in my opinion, things on this level would only require a minor adjustment.

So what am I talking about? How many out there believe in Karma? Only some? I think more believe in it than are willing to admit it.

What about that old adage, “What goes around, comes around?” Or, how about if someone cooks up an excuse for missing work using a fake funeral for their grandmother who up and passed away, when she’s enjoying herself with her new friend Raoul on a cruise? Is there a horrified inner voice warning that the story could cause grandmother to have a fatal accident?

Maybe, or not. However, most people wouldn’t take the chance.

I can’t say how your brain works, but mine picks up the idea of Karma and has a veritable party with the idea. I don’t look at it as vengeance, or even reward and punishment, although those things may be integral to it. I see Karma as a great balancing act. Why not? Scientists love symmetry, music sounds best when things resolve, and stories want a denouement. All things seek some kind of equilibrium. Even water will level out, although tsunamis appear to do anything but that. How many married folks, when faced with a spouse’s infidelity, might stew over a hair of the dog punishment and then write it off to Karma? (If the bastard hadn’t have cheated type thing.)

All I’m doing is observing and asking questions. Nothing bad can come of that? Oh yeah, that’s what Socrates did just before the hemlock.

Is there a great force that balances all things including human action? We recognize the balance of nature, but that poor bastard of a gazelle might think it unfair to end up as the lion’s meal.

Could the golden rule be a warning of Karma? If all of this is true, why do most people seem to think rules and laws are for everyone except themselves? Just check out how many people drive recklessly in rush hour. And just an aside, why are the British so excellent at standing in a queue, but try it getting into a sporting event in the States and your blood pressure will rival the water pressure of a fire fighter’s hose.

Personally, I like the idea of Karma sticking its fingers into life. I think it’s a natural law. But you know what? I don’t care if it is real or not, because just the possibility of it tends to temper people’s behavior, and you know we really need that.

Last thing. All these people that need tempering? How many are parents and in charge of their own family, teaching their little ones how to behave? Spooky, isn’t it.

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