A Sandwich With a Twist

How about a twist on a favorite sandwich, a BLT, a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato? The twist is this. The tomatoes are fried green tomatoes. Yum. Fried green tomatoes are a favorite in the south. Just the taste of them delights me almost as much as a southern woman with her drawl.

This recipe will make roughly two sandwiches. If you want more you will have to adjust.

The sandwich can be made on any type of bread, but I like sourdough.


2 – green tomatoes, sliced 1/4″ thick. Vary the thickness if you wish, but don’t get them too thin.
4 – slices of bacon. More if you wish. Is it possible to overdo bacon?
½ cup – cornmeal
3/4 cup – flour
1 – large egg
½ cup – milk
Creole seasoning – Use your favorite. I like Tony’s Chachere’s ®
Salt to taste
green leaf lettuce

1/4 – cup mayonnaise
1 – teaspoon lemon juice
1/4 – tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/4 – tsp garlic salt.
1 – tbs mustard. (Again, use your favorite. I prefer Dijon or coarse ground.)
Your favorite hot sauce to taste. (May want to delete this if you don’t like things hot.)

You will need:
one skillet
4 – small bowls, or, two bowls (for liquid) and two zippered bags (for the flour and cornmeal)
1– a bottle of wine. This should be your favorite. It doesn’t matter red or white.

The first thing that should happen is to pour a good glass of wine and taste. (Note; This libation can be switched out for your favorite spirit – Scotch, Tequila, Rum, Irish, Bourbon, or whatever. It is simply there for your own enjoyment. If you do not drink alcohol, you may substitute a simple soda or lemonade.)

Now we need to make the sauce. This is simple. Mix all of the liquid ingredients together first, then stir in the garlic salt. Hold out the hot sauce. Mix that in last so you can get a sounding on the heat with which you are playing. After completing the sauce, place it in one of the bowls, cover it, and put it in the fridge to chill while the rest is in the making.

Time for another libation.
The next step is frying the bacon. There should be at least two strips of bacon for each sandwich. However, bacon is something that tastes so good you may want more per sandwich. Once the bacon is how you prefer, drain it and set it aside. Save the grease too. We will use it to fry the tomatoes.

Now it is time to slice and bread the green tomatoes. This really isn’t hard at all, but if it looks daunting see libation above, but remember – you work with sharp objects.

While slicing, you may notice how firm the green tomatoes are, more firm than ripe red ones. That’s normal.

Simply set them to the side and ready yourself for the breading. I’ve breaded enormous amounts of food, and it can make a stupendous mess. The best technique is to use one hand, or tong for the wet ingredients and another for the dry. It keeps you from wasting the dry ingredients and creating an ungodly wreck of the kitchen. I have seen some people with what looks like huge boxing gloves of gunk on their hands simply from using the same hand to dip into both dry and wet breading ingredients.
What I recommend is the one bowl, two bag technique. I will outline it below.

To prep for the breading :
Whisk the egg and milk together in the bowl.
Pour the flour into one bag. In the other mix the cornmeal and a tsp of creole seasoning.

Now lay the containers in a line in the following order, egg wash, flour, cornmeal. Put a couple of sliced tomatoes in the egg wash then pull one slice out and hold it up to drain briefly. Drop it in the flour to cover it with the powder. Press the flour onto the wet tomato, and then re-dip it in the egg wash enough to wet the flour all around. Repeat the flour breading procedure. (This is called a double bread, and it holds the breading on the tomato much better than one trip through the flour.) After the second breading in flour, then it is once more into the egg wash and on to the cornmeal, making sure you press the meal down firmly. Once you press the cornmeal into the tomato put it aside while you bread a few more.

The beauty of using the bags is you can close them and shake a good coating of powder without a cloud of the stuff going everywhere and covering the kitchen.

Reheat the skillet, along with the bacon grease, and fry the tomatoes on medium heat. They should have a golden brown color to them and be a bit crunchy.

One may need another libation about now. That’s perfect.

The bread can either be plain, toasted, or grilled on one side. I prefer my grilled. Once you have the bread/toast the way you want it, spread the sauce and layer the green lettuce, two tomatoes, and bacon on top. Put the lid on the sandwich in place and voila.

Now is the fun part. Be careful because the tomatoes may be hot.
Let me know if you like it.

By the way. I have a really good friend, Cat Conner, who writes a blog. She writes the Byte series of books. You may want to check her blog and books out. You will like her. She says what she thinks. Meet her at – http://catconner.blogspot.com/

Now it’s time for a celebratory libation. What do you think?

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