It’s High Time!

Thinking outside of the box is a phrase that means we shouldn’t always use the old braincase in the same, tired ways. Why limit the way we work our noggins? Am I right in thinking that everyone sees how good this is? I’m thinking most people have given it a try at least once or twice but found it difficult. You know, the nine dots in a square and you’re supposed to connect them all with four straight lines. Could you do it? Probably, after a few tries. Or, maybe you cheated and looked the answer up.

It really doesn’t matter, because almost all of us are set in our ways, and out of the box means out of our comfort zone. That indicates a need to force ourselves to do it. Does it always mean it’s uncomfortable? Doesn’t have to. Perhaps if we relax.

Most of us have experimented with living on the far side once or twice, and it turned out, if not fine then probably a shit load of fun. C’mon, hasn’t everyone done a little skinny dipping or had to duck down an alley to escape an authoritarian figure and let’s not forget a little bump and tickle before your parents thought it was a good idea.

So about this wild thinking. Let’s ponder it a moment. Hmm. Most inventions have occurred after a little skull-sweat beyond the norm. Am I wrong, or have styles changed as a result of it? Hells fire, we went from eating raw food to cooked steak because of it. Does anyone want to go back to eating raw fish?

Okay. It’s been done, but sushi proves my point even more.

How about we do an exercise? Let’s do something simple. Uuh, Imagine that everything happens in the same instant. That’s correct. The concept is: the same instant of time holds everything in it, from the big bang through the very ending. Got it?

There is a bit of precedence for this, by the way. While studying quantum mechanics scientists found it possible for a particle to be in two different places at the same time. Yup, you read that right – two different places at the same time. Does that mean we can turn it around? Wouldn’t that mean that the same moment in time can be in two different places? If it’s good enough for one particle or piece of time, why can’t it be more?

See? It’s not hard to think in the great out-box. Right?

Okay, perhaps it is. Are your mental gears smoking? Go soak your head. Then return with a glass of your favorite beverage. Take a gulp or two. Maybe a slurp.


So now we’re imagining every second there was, is, or will be, all happen at once, and chronology is an illusion like the flashing movement still pictures produce the movement of cartoons. Remember drawing stick figures on a scratch pad, and the figures on each successive page changed a little so that when the pages were thumbed, Ms. or Mr. Stick appeared to move? Same concept. Anyway, keep in mind, all moments happen simultaneously.

Your head doesn’t hurt, does it? Hope not. It won’t matter anyway because we’re going to take a dip in some deep water and you can soak it again. Another shot of something? Oh-key-doe-key (your choice).

If everything happens at once, it could explain prophets; nearly all religions have them. And if you are a person who thinks religions are bullshit, what about déjà vu, sudden insight, or intuition? All of these things could be a simple matter of changing perspective.

An arrangement like this could also answer another thing that philosophers have been squabbling over forever – free will versus destiny. Step back and look at this point of time thing. Examine it from all sides, like spinning a Rubik’s cube. Your every decision could be just that, your own decision. Add to the mix that it all happens right, flipping, now. Whoa. Your fate is sealed. Even though you made all of your own decisions, the end result is and has always been, the same – what is written has always been written, it is your fate. So, there can be both free will and kismet.


Now that we’ve succeeded in solving that philosophical conundrum, we can tackle a harder enigma. This one has to do with two enemies arguing, both with the absolute certitude that they will convert the other to their way of thinking. (See unrealistic expectations under Facebook.)

I don’t know. Personally, I think that idea is so far outside the box it has its own container to live in all by its lonesome. Maybe we could turn the box inside out, and each enemy takes the other’s viewpoint to argue. It may not produce a winner, but it would be interesting. What do you think?

Well enough of all that.
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