God Help Me

The last couple of days have been pretty raw for me. Everybody has those hard to get through days, and I suppose the last couple of mine could be described as such, but damn. Yesterday everything I touched seemed ready to bite me, or at minimum frustrated the living shit out of me. It began… Continue reading God Help Me

It’s a No-Brainer

How many out there like to read? I think it is one of the best things a person can do. When a person scans the printed word magical things happen, and I’m not necessarily meaning Harry Potter. You can learn how to repair the plumbing in your house. You can learn how to cook. How… Continue reading It’s a No-Brainer

What a Character

I love to read thrillers. They make things crisp and clear for me as if you live on the edge the whole time reading them. Maybe it produces an extended jolt of adrenalin in me. I think it’s more than that though. It isn’t only thrillers either. How do you feel when you read a… Continue reading What a Character