It’s a No-Brainer

How many out there like to read? I think it is one of the best things a person can do. When a person scans the printed word magical things happen, and I’m not necessarily meaning Harry Potter. You can learn how to repair the plumbing in your house. You can learn how to cook.

How about taking a trip to medieval China? Just open Tai Pan. Want to fight your way through the crusades? I’ll bet there’s a book that will be perfect for you. There are even books to help you to read and understand Shakespeare.

You say you don’ like to read? doesn’t matter any at all what you prefer to read. It simply matters that you are able to.

Like it or not, you read every day. How else could you find out the ingredients for that recipe from Aunt Susan? How ’bout that Honey Do list from Wifey? What about rooting through Facebook? Yep, that’s right, you read every day. Your eyes catch the trademark of your favorite drink, no matter where it is, especially if you are thirsty.

I used to work in the Oklahoma oil fields as a roughneck when I was younger. One of my peers came in to grab a drink of water and saw me reading something. He said, “ I’m glad I never learned how to figure those squiggles out so I wouldn’t waste time like that.” Now, he and I did our share of wasting time during the slow times. We took turns skipping rocks on the reserve pond, tracking deer, even fishing when the drill-bit turned slow. We also worked out asses of when the drill-bit needed to be changed.

Anyway. A few months after our conversation, this man wanted a new job, a promotion, but it involved paperwork. After they turned him down, he decided maybe it wasn’t such a waste of time. He actually worked harder at learning how to read that, than we did doing manual labor as roughnecks. The point is, reading is extremely important – even if you only work with your hands and back.

I know. I’m talking to exactly the wrong people, a preacher choir thing. You’re reading this right now.

The reason I’m writing about this is: there is a sale at Smashwords, starting July 1st. If you don’t know what Smashwords is, it is a website that helps authors and publishers publish and distribute books, All right, back to the sale. It is their summertime sale, and it’s a big event. Hundreds of books will be discounted – some of them down to free.

My own book will be 50% off. If you haven’t read The Sigma Factor, this is a perfect time. You can have the chance to own it for a one and a half dollars – a buck and a half, I mean a clam and a half. It’s not very much at all. Anyway, you won’t spend much, and it’s a great read. I know, all authors tell you their book is a good read, but in this case, it’s the truth.

You have no idea how hard it is for this author to tell you, straight up, that my Sigma is a great read. I know it is. The only way I can prove it to you is for you to grab a copy and read it for yourself. I mean, even if I told you that I would kick a big old bull right in the ballsack if you didn’t like it, that would be an after the fact thing and you would still have to read it first. (For the record, that was a hypothetical, not a real situation.) But hellfire, it’s less than a cup of coffee in a restaurant.

It’s the kind of thriller that makes you laugh, bite your nails, and cheer when the Ol’ Stan kisses the girl. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There are vivid descriptions, both funny and horrifying, and there are plot twists that keep you off balance until the end. What more can I say – the book is colorful, yet easy to read?

There are other books you can buy in the sale too, not just mine.

There are books that have whole worlds out there to visit. Admittedly, there are some books better than others, and I have no Idea how many will be on sale. I do know this. In the past, there was a huge amount reduced. I’m betting you will find something you like. If you don’t like thrillers, try the romance, if not that try something else, maybe SciFi.

There is one other thing I want to ask of you. Please. Please. Please, write a review. It doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to finish the book to do it either. Simply say, “I loved it.” but if you didn’t like it then something like, uh, this, “I didn’t like it, because of _______.” Just fill in the blank with whatever it was you didn’t like – it was hard to read, or too much swearing, perhaps not enough swearing, or it was too infantile, et cetra. Make it brief and to the point. Fill in the stars you think it deserves, and that’s all. It takes maybe five minutes. Of course, you can spend more time if you want. My point was, you don’t have to invest a whole afternoon if you don’t want to.

Reviews are important. They affect the ratings of the book. Everyone likes the bestsellers, but those books became bestsellers by a lot of people who bothered to write some kind of review.

You know you tell your friends. The conversation probably goes like this:
“Finish the Book?”
“Any good?”
“Hell yes! It was sooo good.”
“Even the ending?”
“Yeah. Want to read it or have me tell you?”
I left the answer off o that last question because there are a bunch of people in both camps when it comes to the ending. It’s so easy with your partner, wife, lover, buddy, or BFF – why not tell everyone. That way the author can learn along with other readers. Write one and everyone is happy. Don’t write it, and not a soul knows the truth. Why not write it. It’s your opinion, and since when have you been afraid to give your opinion. It’s not like you’re telling your date her dress makes her look like her ass is huge. This is a no-brainer. (no-brainer to figure out, not the no-brainer of not thinking before you speak. see above)

You can help find the next shining star, or, the much-needed hint that there is so much more to learn.

The Sigma Factor by JW Bell. I’ll bet you will like it. Who knows, might just love it. Stan is quite a character. Click on the link below. If it doesn’t work then copy and paste into your browser.

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