Confusing Things

It’s school time and time to work on a different schedule. Everything revolves around the kids’ school schedule. They all wake up early, but not quite as early as me. It’s my job to make sure every one of us navigates the morning without colliding with each other. I don’t always make it happen. I think sure bets are so rare they might be nonexistent. At least they are to me.

This time of year brings both welcome and unwanted things. I think the cooler temperatures will please most people; no one likes extremes. All of the animals seem to enjoy the cool. It also smells better in the house. All of the little rug rats won’t sweat so much, and when they run through the house, they won’t have an odor so much like wet dogs.

It’s amazing. One of the age-old questions – why do sweaty children smell like wet dogs? Okay, we don’t need to mull that. There are better, unanswerable questions. Eh oh… I don’t know. I’ll back up from that right now. The other day, the seven-year-old son asked me, “Why are we here?”

Seven years old. Who says youngsters can’t ponder existence?

From this, I can postulate that children might try to tackle Metaphysics before they wrestle with sexual urges. Now that’s odd/ I have met several women who claim the only thing males think about is the act of procreation. Perhaps the resolution of this puzzle is this answer: reproduction is the true meaning of life. Can’t say yes, can’t say no.

Maybe someday.

How about I turn back to business. The minds of everyone, young and old, don’t turn off. We all wrestle with hard problems. Another example? All right. Things like that usually depend on perspective – up close, or from a distance. The real question is when gazing at them from middle grounds. The compromise of position take on new flavors, the same way unifying the theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics appear impossible.

Dichotomies appear everywhere, in every facet of living. Sometimes things seem different, sometimes the same. Why are babies and older men so similar? Aren’t they? They are both frequently bald, have no teeth, and often have a load in their pants. What can I say?

Could it be that nothing changes? Hmm. How about that possibility? If we step back far enough, changing perspective again, there isn’t much difference between one end of the spectrum and the other. It doesn’t matter what the range is either. It can be anything.

If you compare the extreme right-wing with the radical Left-wing in politics, they are both of them way out there, almost photocopies of each other. In that case, the spectrum is more of a circle than a line, and they appear to meet.

Could it be that all extremes meet? What about IQ? Have you ever talked to a real genius? I had a professor in college; the man had several doctoral degrees and could brilliantly speak about anything in his field.

I watched the man walk across campus one day, and he strolled around in every direction, stopping to look at a bush, the sidewalk, and I think the clouds in the sky. He looked like a bonafide idiot. And if you talk to him about something out of his field, he came across almost like a buffoon.

Now let me ask. Have you ever been lucky enough to be around a mental disadvantaged person? They can sit for hours doing a simple task, using their intellect to work out a problem. There is also this: The Dunning Kruger Effect. It is a phenomenon in which smarter people live with the idea that everyone is as intelligent as they. Since they find conclusions easy to come up with, others must too. They have no basis for thinking otherwise. Conversely, people that have impaired or lower intelligence tend to think they are the smartest in the room. We tend to equalize the difference.

So the discord between one end of a continuum and the other might, like liquids, seek their equilibrium. Does the universe self-regulate? Is it its nature to level things? I don’t know.

In my upcoming novel, The Great Zero Sum has themes that address these things. It is action-packed, and there are twists every few chapters. I think you will enjoy it.

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