How’s Life You?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I have. Getting to spend time with my family has been great, and there have been a few things that developed. The most notable is the release of my newest novel, The Great Zero-Sum.

It is always nerve-racking when I release a new book. A lot of my writing friends, pizzos, pals, buddies, chums talk about how uneasy it makes them when they push the fledgling book out of the nest and into the public to see them fly.

It’s because some don’t fly at all, they crash and die. It takes a long time to build enough of a following to launch the right way. Each book needs to go at least as far as the last, and of course, high sales are always welcome but seem to be scarce as the hair on my head.

This new book is an action-adventure, with the main character Colonel A.J. Colton, a battle-hardened, retired Field Artillery Officer who is haunted by the memory of one of his soldiers, Norman. Norman passed away, and none of the team can forget him. Some of the men view him as a genius, others as a buffoon. The Colonel tells them all not to discuss Norman. They all know he was special.

All this while an elusive enemy attacks time and again, following them wherever they go.

I’m proud of the book, and I think those of us who like that genre will find the book a fast, easy read. They will enjoy the action it has between covers. Within its pages live unforgettable characters, several battles, and more than a few plot twists. If you haven’t picked it up, please do. You won’t regret spending the paltry sum.

I have worked on several other projects these past weeks too. My next novel, the second in the Factor series, is now out for approval with several agents. Also, I’m writing two books – one is the third in the Factor series, and I think it is the best yet, the other is my non-fiction premier. It’s working title is “I’ve Been Thinking.” The premise for the non-fiction work is an explanation to my metaphysical view of, well, everything.

This sort of work is quite different for me. I usually don’t do non-fiction for anything longer than my blog. Also, just because I have the capability of writing some of my thoughts down, doesn’t mean what dances around in my head might be of interest to other people. Let’s face it. Nobody knows what goes on inside of other people’s minds, But, and this is a pretty big but (no not that kind of butt), there is no telling if this book will be anything like what most people think. Because of that, it will be interesting if only for opening up the door to laughter and ridicule.

I’m not advocating such cruel behavior. I’m not even indirectly saying that kind of thing is okay. However, I am saying that I know enough about human behavior to be able to foretell the likelihood that there are crazed assholes in every walk of life.

All because someone doesn’t think the way most everyone else does, and I certainly don’t think in lockstep with others.

Here is what is at the crux. Thank heavens (whichever you believe in, or if not one at all, please substitute the word thankfully), some people believe differently than other people. We all think differently, but that is the most likely reason for the whole gamut of ridicule thing. It ranges from mild chiding all the way to hate. all because someone’s beliefs don’t coincide with another’s. That is how most wars begin.

Okay, I’ll get rid of the soapbox and rejoin the blog.

The weather has been a little crazy. How about where you have been? Here it has been unseasonably hot. I have had warmer Christmases, but they were spent in Hawaii, the tropics. Most, however, have been cool to cold, crisp in the least. Hell, snowball fights are always good on Christmas Days. But not this year.

I’m not complaining. We have already had enough cold weather to kill the insects that need controlling. I will be happy if it does not dip below freezing again this winter.

Then last night, we had a large front roll through with terrific rains, winds, and the occasional tornado. Whatever happened, there was a heap of thunder and rain.

The kids have been reasonable during the last few days. I mean, once we made it past Christmas, things settled into the usual ruckus and occasional failed attempts at sibling homicide. There wasn’t much blood, and all the fat lips have gone down now. It’s always exciting around here and not for the faint of heart.

Life is for living.

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