What will we do?

Here we are amid the Pandemic. A cloud of unease settled like a thick fog over everything. It is surreal. It draws memories of all the dystopian novels and movies I’ve read or seen.

My wife and I keep reminding each other that this is not a novel but the truth of life today. The sickness is everywhere, and the creepy part is, you can’t look at someone to tell they are sick. Unlike the flu, or a cold, or even food poisoning where you can look at the ill person and say, “Crap, you look bad.” This sickness hitches a ride on healthy, vibrant people and then attacks the next person.

In school, we read about the plague in the Twelfth Century, and we’ve heard accounts of the Flu Pandemic of 1918, but reading about a severe illness is nowhere close to living it today. The closest thing to this was when I was small, and we had the Polio epidemic, and that I’m afraid only those sixty years or older might remember. The sickness is here. It is not fiction; it’s happening. Several people we know may die by the time it’s over. The situation is a part of life, and it fits the cliché: You can run, but you cannot hide. Honestly, it is a bit unbelievable.

Those people that believe in Kismet may have to stare into destiny’s face, and it’s not the time to blink either. It is not quite High Noon on Main Street, but it is half-past eleven.
Are those enough stereotype images? Yea, I think so too.

The world has several things happening.

The first is the realization that the figures don’t add up. The state I live in is a quiet one. The news they put out once daily, touts how we don’t have much in the way of Covid-19 in the state, and we are winning the fight. Today they gave us the number of 1480 people infected and only thirty deaths.

Can we not test the elderly who show symptoms? I know we can’t check everyone over sixty-five, but honestly, the elderly that can’t stop coughing, have a fever, and all the advertised symptoms they’ve asked for us to watch. Are we that constrained in the number of tests? If that is so, why are politicians and celebrities being tested? Are the criteria for sale?

I’m wondering why the efforts of heroism that are shown daily on almost every corner of mass media need to be negated by the anti-heroic actions of a few assholes.

There are some counties that the people controlling the tests won’t let the doctors test. How can we know the total infected if we don’t check? And are the numbers so important? If so, are our numbers any better than the numbers we’ve received from China, Iran, or Italy?

Okay, maybe it’s a numbers thing, but if so, it smacks of the Viet Nam war, and the daily body counts. So perhaps it is an ego thing. There are no shortages of egos running rampant. Grab any article about our illustrious national leaders. It doesn’t matter which person you study either.

The world is in crisis, and it is much more than merely fighting a disease. The whole face of the world will change, which come to think about it, is not a bad idea. I certainly believe there are things we can change positively. It is already to the point of not shaking hands anymore, but there are unscrupulous bastards out there that want to prey on anything and everything. It’s true to life Mad Max all over again. The tenuous balance of the world powers before the Pandemic could shuffle with alarming speed.

The constitution charges our country’s leaders with the common defense, and I know they take their positions in that very seriously. The danger I’m seeing is other countries have leaders from the same mold, and what is right for us is not necessarily good for them. Again, it has a lot to do with egos, and they can be a megalomaniac.

That is only part of the problem, too. What we need, I’m talking about the world here; we need to act together. I know humans are violent, but can we curb our thirst for positional advantage and fight the real enemy here? Why are our leaders continuing to jockey for power at the expense of the population? Are they scared the world is so fickle they wouldn’t be considered a good enough leader?

Why must we see the constant maneuvering to position themselves for better appearance? Here is the truth of it. If the need arises that often, to make yourself appear better, maybe you shouldn’t be in that position. And I hate to reiterate; this is a global thing with leaders. Let’s stand back and eyeball the world. Perhaps the ones that need to lead don’t want to drive the vehicle? Possibly our world leaders should crave doing an excellent job over the money and power that filters uphill to them.

Covid 19 sucks. The people that perform at exemplary levels are the heroes. Those that screw around to look better need to be flushed, and I’m not talking about one party over another. Hell, one more time. I’m not even talking about one country over another. We live during a pandemic here — a universal sickness, and the latest figures I have seen say half of the population may have it without symptoms. They only carry it to others, and also, you can be re-infected. It will take a worldwide effort to kick its ass. The damn thing needs pounding into oblivion. Further, we need to fix all the bullshit that made this one so terrible and get ready for the next worldwide effort.

I’m not saying we can all live in peace forever, but we ought to figure out some way to live without a world-class balancing act of egos. That was the problem when the world had Kings and Emperors ruling the populations. They found a solution. Why can’t we?

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