Why is Music so Popular?

I spent the last few days, even weeks, listening to some of the most incredible music ever composed. It’s all around us. Every generation added to the list from as far back as the dusty pages go. Indeed, even back further than written music exists. Universal music. Every culture, village, and group made their melodies, some more complicated than others. There are many times when simplicity floats majestically through the air and brings the most blessed tranquility.

At other times, the heart was enraged to fierceness by the drums’ beat, and art-felt strains inspired battle and killing. With music, things like these occur in crowds who lived through both the great happiness and most tragic portions of their lives.

Even as death attends, so does birth. Gorgeous sounds encompass all things, whether we realize it or not. 

I know this blog is different than some I’ve written, but the truth of music is so much brighter, deeper, and connected to more things than most imagine. Yes, we all dance. And we’ve cried. But those things only show the sounds that raise the world. Other sounds build, lifting and filling the empty with purpose and solidity. That music constructs everything and makes us believe time flows like a river.

Did you know that scientists posit thesmallest most essential thing happens to look like a string and not a dot? Their theories reach down beyond the microscopic to say the smallest thing possible is a minute tendril. What I find most interesting about that is the way these strands vibrate. That is entirely correct. They move back and forth, shaking. Here is what fascinates me about it — vibration creates sound. Indeed. I’m sure the noise is not even close to being within the frequencies our ears can hear, or even those that our instruments can detect, but it is there.

I suppose the background noise that radio telescopes detect may be the remnants of the sound I’m talking about. I think the current thought on that noise is it is the echo of the Big Bang. Whatever it is, there is a sound out there.

Does this make you curious? The above passage is the kind of thing I write about in my upcoming book, I’ve Been Thinking, only I really dig into things. The non-fiction book delves into metaphysical ideas about the universe. It’s not your average book, I’ll tell you. I talk about the things that fascinate me and the way I envision how the universe fits together.

Let me also tell you that I have been working like a plow horse trying to fix my Newsletter system. Many readers subscribed to it, but I wasn’t Tech savvy enough to maintain it very well. The result was no newsletters went out. I called in some professional help, and the people I buy my domain from came to the rescue. The name is JC Hosting, and the people there worked even harder than me during this last week. They are amazing people, and if you need a host for your website, get in contact with them. You can find them at: jc-hosting.net.

Anyway, thanks to hard-working people, I think I’m ready to try again. So, I have deleted the subscriptions from before, and now I have a clean slate. Let’s give it a try. If you decide you want notifications when I publish a blog and when my books are ready to hit the stands, sign up for my newsletter. Same deal as before. It is free, I will never sell your name or email to anyone else, and you will get a notification of when each blog hits. Give it a try. There is nothing to lose.

I will love letting you know about whatever I have to say.


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