Let’s Think About Things

I know there has to be an incredible number of bloggers out there hitting the keys over the happenings in DC yesterday. Many of them will be siding with one side or the other. To me, it is not about sides at all. I have been watching the national politics of our nation for years. I watched it yesterday.

Before I cracked my knuckles and dusted off my keyboard, I thought about what I would say. Nobody wants to hear an old man lecture them. Hell, they might not even want to listen to what I have to say at all.

But then I thought some more.

I need to speak. I have not been a silent watcher at living. I lived hard and got my licks for what I did. Have I done stupid shit? You bet. Right now, several people who know what kind of dumb stuff I’ve done are whooping and hollering — some laughing, some crying. Let me say I could not run for office. I did my idiot-self proud on many occasions. Dumbass was my unofficial nickname for decades.

I like to think I made most things right, eventually. I hang my head in contrition.

Let’s continue. I did some good too. I served in the Army for almost a decade in some of the most barren places on earth. I froze, I sweltered, and I basked in good weather too. At one time, I was one of the nation’s top athletes. I have done my share on the home front also. My wife and I didn’t just talk about taking care of children less fortunate — we adopted several. I will be raising kids until I am in my eighties. I have been a teacher and now have a lifetime license to teach. I’ve written several music pieces, including a symphony, several books (published both traditionally and self-published), and my website and blog have over a hundred visits a day.

So, what do I want to say? I’m sick of the polarization our country now has. When I was a kid, the adults behaved well enough to build a vast economy. My parent’s generation fought and won WWII. Every generation makes mistakes, and they made their share. They put us in an impossible war in Southeast Asia. But they didn’t pick sides enough to look like a live-fire exercise at the Capitol.

Now, if I look around, everything has a faction that wants their way, and they want it now. My two five-year-olds do the same thing, but they are five. It looks like we struck the word tolerance from the English language, almost. A large group demands tolerance, except for themselves when reffering to people who disagree with them. That makes no sense. We do not need tolerance if everyone agrees with us.

When I watched the goings-on yesterday, It looked more like a third world country trying to open their parliament than The United States Federal Government. Hell, we have enough to deal with fighting COVID 19. Come to that. How come other countries can deal with it and keep it under control? Are we as a nation too damn spoiled to behave when we’re out and about? I’m talking to everyone here.

A large group had tantrums for four years, and yesterday they tried to look like they never said any harsh words. Do I need to elaborate?
If things like this had happened in my house, there would have been some on the spot bare-butt spankings. Except it did happen at my house. That was my capital building, yours too.

I have a concealed carry license. I own a firearm, but I’ll go better than that. I am an expert in both long guns and sidearms. I am also branch qualified in Artillery. I learned all about it in the Army. But that doesn’t mean I will carry or tow an artillery piece to a protest with the possibility of storming the Capitol.

Third world, right?

Whatever happened to calmness under pressure? What do we need to tell our representatives? How about everybody needs to grow up a notch, maybe two, how about three. Are we going to behave like spoiled kids? I’m talking to everyone right now. (Don’t forget the four years of tantrums.) Everyone. We need to grow up, and if they can’t be adults, they need to go away.

This kind of situation already occurred in other venues, and in some of those other countries, they didn’t get a handle on it. Some of those regions led to armed conflict. It may be that quiet heads will not be enough. It has been years in the build-up to this. We are at the point where we either must lance the boil and take control (and I don’t mean more tantrums) or let the infection go everywhere.

Our choice.

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