Progress? Maybe.

I‘ve been engineering my website all morning. I must say it is a lot more functional now. I added several links to ease moving around, like buying my books, and subscribing to my newsletter.

Really, you ought to subscribe. It doesn’t take long, and once you do, you get a notification from my blog. After that comes a confirmation email. Once that happens, ta-da, the process is complete.

I’m toying with the idea of embedding my blog in the newsletter.
I also ran tests to determine whether the newsletter links still work. They do. If you signed up for my newsletter but have not received any newsletters, please sign up again. Several of them did not activate because they either did not use the confirmation email or that email went right past them and into their spam folder.

I have also been busy sending things off to publishers. I’ll find one or two that will publish some of my works with a little patience.

I changed the distribution method for my e-books, deciding to try Kendal Unlimited to see how well it works. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you can pick up my e-books and read as much as you want for free. So, if you do, tell your friends whether you liked them or not. I think you will. With all available sincerity, they are good books.

While you’re at it, why not just dash off a review? It can’t hurt at all. The only thing you need to keep in mind is honesty. After all, that’s what you want when you read a review. Isn’t it?

I just checked the weather for the next few days. Cutting to the chase, we start at a ¼ inch of ice, maybe as much as ¾ inch by day two. Honestly, I’d rather see snow more than that stinking ice. The ice does so much more damage than snow. Besides, the kids can’t make a snowman with ice. Oh, my littlest girl will tell you that Elsa can, but I have to remind her that she can make Olaf too, so she doesn’t count. She reminded me that Elsa always counts.

My policy is I don’t argue with five-year-old children, discuss yes, argue no. But, let me tell you, at five, she has already adopted the idea that I can be an idiot.

Speaking with all candor available it is surprising that I’ve survived as long as I have with the apparent handicaps associated with the IQ that my kids imagine I have. Hell, I’m not even in the throes of dementia, although I do forget things at times.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. I’m sure the kids think I set the Alzheimer standard. Humph! Maybe someday, but not today. These very same kids think all my cool Dad Jokes are lamer than a one-legged pirate. All I know is even the oldest of the children still in the house aren’t old enough to hear my good jokes. These jokes are similar to a premium reserve brand of alcohol — the excellent stuff. The reserve jokes can give you stomach cramps. But let’s say they are rated R. Maybe I should say VR for Very Restricted.

The downside is that they are inappropriate, crude, and a gentleman would not utter them. At the same time, I try to be a gentleman, I am also a well-rounded man, able to move in all social circles.

When I first started as an oilfield roughneck, I told jokes better suited to executives and managers, not to manual laborers and salt of the earth people. They didn’t think the way I assumed they would. It took me months to figure out how to tell a joke in a way that they found funny.
Oh, yeah, let me say for the record, they are particularly hilarious after several rounds of refreshing adult beverages.

Of course, some of you have been hardened into crusty old cobbs, can take the abuse, and have a real laugh from them. Of that, I have no doubt. Hell, several of my buddies can probably tell some hilarious jokes, too, probably burn the hair out of my ears.

I’m smiling already in anticipation. Ah, but I regress. It always seems to me that I revert. I guess that may have something to do with age. I’m not very old. I was born in the year nineteen hundred and fift… Hey, in a decade or so, I might get to be old.

When I was on the whippersnapper end of ages, the life expectancy for males was sixty. Now, it’s mid-eighties. Maybe by the time I get to be an octogenarian, the life expectancy could be ninety-something. Perhaps more than that. I won’t be surprised. But how about civilization? Will it grow?

Civilization is not guaranteed. An example of this is the sophistication that Italy had just after World War II. There was more rubble than substantial buildings; keep in mind, they were not the only ones in bad shape either.
Let’s not forget about the know-how to class of people. I’m not particularly eager to divide people into categories, but this classification seems to fit. How many of us know-how to make a car from scratch as Henry Ford did? How about able to make a phone from scratch? There is a whole bunch of know-how to specialties needed to keep our civilization going. If we run out of those, our society will be very precarious. I suppose we could screw around and cause civilization to crumble, create a real dystopia. Oh, now, doesn’t that sound fun? Not as magical as reading a book or watching a movie about it. Could it be that in, say three -hundred years, a teacher might describe our culture and say, “They had indoor plumbing for a hundred and fifty years!”

I will admit, many things have changed over the years. Still, I also need to be honest and tell you there are whole bushels of shit that are constants. Politicians still need to be watched to keep their hands out of your pockets, entertainers still think they are in charge (and people let them, too), sergeants continue giving mean ass eatings (Those are works of art. If you haven’t seen or heard one, you should.), and children still make people smile.

How about we try something different. Let’s spend a little time each day contemplating the direction we want to move in and acquiring the calmness of mind to make good decisions in order to let us do what we need to do? Let’s make society develop, not crumble. Can we find our paths to become a part of everything and not apart from everything? Wouldn’t it be spectacular if we became renowned for being part of nature instead of standing outside of nature?

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