Do You See Things in Black and White?

The day is quiet around the house, today. The kids have their noses stuck into their schoolbooks to wade through a class or two or raise their grades.

We elected not to send the kids to the brick-and-mortar school again this year.

The pandemic is still raging in our part of the world, and I mean precisely that. COVID is here and behaving like a raging bull. There are dangerous levels of sickness surrounding us.

Our family does everything to help slow the transition to our house — masks, separations, good hygiene, vaccinations, no shaking hands, but instead, maybe a fist bump. I don’t care if others think me a lunatic or not. There have been too many deaths in our extended family not to be cautious. There have been way more than any other year. Indeed, many deaths were not Covid. However, I remind you that many would not have died if COVID had not filled the hospitals. Also, some of them passed of heart or lung issues after officially being cured of COVID.

So here’s the thing. We have a family of thirteen, two elderly, ten children, and the other adult is prone to pneumonia which makes her high risk. So far, we have not had a single case in the immediate family. That is not a brag, either. If you listen carefully, you will hear me walloping the wood around me so hard my knuckles will bruise if I keep it up.

I have good friends who choose not to believe what they call the tripe of all the propaganda about COVID. They are still my friends. Do I try to convince them to think like me? Hell no. They are adults. They can think for themselves just like I can. They may be right. They don’t have to take my point of view. I’ll still love ’em, and I trust they will reciprocate.

Okay, back to the day at hand. I’m listening to Beethoven’s Ninth via Bluetooth and my hearing aids while I type on my laptop in my easy chair. Don’t you love technology? Since the broken back, it is the most comfortable way for me to relax. I’m a little wobbly when I stand. I can’t sit very long in a regular chair. Nor can I lie down on my bed (again, the easy chair).

By the way, I have been editing the comments on my blog. I must thank you for all of them. Along with that, I need to say thanks to my audience in general. I discovered there are considerably more of you out there than I thought. I hope you find what I have to say entertaining and helpful. My goal is you find something for you to ponder. Actually, that is the premise to my non-fiction book, trying to get others to think.

Thank you for reading all the things I write.

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To get back to the pandemic. I must say being in a worldwide epidemic is different than I imagined. But when I think back to the Polio epidemic that hung around when I was a kid, my parents were so relieved when the vaccine came out. I remember how real that was.

Hey, maybe the reason this pandemic doesn’t look like what I imagined the 1918 pandemic to have been might be its pictures. All the photos of that pandemic were black and white. Today’s world is in color. The whole spectrum is still bouncing around today, and my eyes pick it all up. We think of that dastardly old 1918 pandemic as black and white, like an old movie. Are you like me in this?

But color doesn’t have to belong solely to our eyes.
Can’t you see color when you close your eyes? I can. Just the same way, I can hear the different hues of Beethoven’s Ninth. When you smell chocolate, do you think of brown? Sometimes I do. When I burn my toast, I see dark brown or black. Just the same as yellow when my nose detects lemon.

So, what is color? Doesn’t it make things more life-like? It fills in the gaps and animates things with more realism. That is the reason why the movie industry moved to color from black and white. Hell, my children don’t ever want to watch a movie or television show in black and white.

So, have we stilted the youngsters of today by not demanding they use their imagination? My God, mine won’t consider watching Casablanca. They become bored with The Wizard of Oz until the first twenty minutes passes, and they land in Oz.

But the 1918 pandemic? Life wasn’t black and white then. Just like the Great Depression wasn’t They were both in living color to those living through them. All the stuff those people lived through was true to life, just as this pandemic is today. Here’s the kicker in 1918, some of those people didn’t think it was happening then either. We experience today what happened then, except they didn’t know how to slow the disease down. Now, we choose not to do it.
Don’t believe me? Set your camera on black and white and take a few pictures.


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