Why Do We Argue?

So, I woke up today and started my day. If you thought about it, you might have noticed I did not say, “rolled out of bed.” I haven’t rolled out of bed for quite some time. A couple of reasons for that — I’m getting old, and I got hurt a few months ago. I still haven’t recovered. I think I shall never be as I was. 

But that’s alright. Can you honestly say you are the same as you were five years ago? 

Depending on your age, your physical abilities should be less than then, or if you are young enough, you should be better. It all depends on whether or not you’re past your prime, and the only person that can answer that is you. Sure your doctor can take an educated guess; there is no certainty. 

It is one of those things like you cannot see a thing the same as someone else in the room. At no time, no way it will ever happen.

What? I’d be glad to explain it. 

Let me start with a miracle of nature, eyes. Each of us uses our eyes the way we learned as infants. However, if you and I use our eyes to look at the same thing… let’s pick something.

Hmmm. Okay, a wonderful baby, brand new, even smells fresh, a mix of baby powder and amniotic. Its noises are small — grunts and cries. Both of us stare at the same time. What a marvel of nature, but you and I will have different perspectives. Not simply because you may be a woman, and I a man, but your eyes and mine cannot see the same thing. We insist on our own space. This incapability is true even if we smash into each other’s space. We will always be two to six inches away from the other’s viewpoint of origin. 

Your eyes cannot occupy the same space as mine. And the result will always be a difference in perspective. 

Or, how about the fact that the green you see may not be the green I behold? What’s that? I can say to you that the orange I see is more vibrant than the orange you perceive. We have no way of knowing that any two brains imagine colors in the same way. Oh, we can say they process the frequency of the vibrations in the same way. But is it the same color? What if my green is your red?

Here is the crux — it does not matter one nano-bit at all. If you see what your brain interprets as green, it’s green to you—Vice versa. I do not expect you to see my color green. We naturally, by unspoken agreement, go through life assuming we are each happy in the way our brains interpret the green frequency.

So, if no two beings can see things the same, why does everyone bitch about a difference of opinion? None of us can say, with any truth, that our perspectives are the only correct way to see things. What are we thinking? Are you really of the opinion that yours is the only perspective that counts?

I have listened to people’s voices for years, with a crescendo that grows much too loud in their arguing, crying, and lamenting, with each person claiming that everyone else is wrong about … whatever. Take your pick. The subject does not matter so much. It is the act of close-mindedness, even by those that proclaim open-mindedness, that concerns me. 

This minute, there is enough anger frothing around the country, indeed the world, to create huge problems. All the billions of people living can feel it. You can, can’t you? Be honest with yourself. 

Feeling this worldwide disparity, are we not obligated to search our innermost feelings to find our truth. We must keep in mind that the thing we arrive at will not be the same as another’s. It’s that pesky perspective thing again. 

We must, all of us, be willing to work, play, and live with others who do not see the same thing as we do. If people are as smart as they think they are, then they should use that intelligence toward a better end.

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