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Born in Springfield, Missouri, Jerry went to college at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma where he studied Music and Theater. He has acted in, directed, or was technical director of a great number of plays. His experience taught him about creativity, how people are motivated, and their character. His fine tuned humor is note worthy in all of his novels.

Half his workforce experience looks as if it came from an action novel, with several years manual labor as a roughneck in the oilfield, throwing a chain and working the derrick, drilling for oil. He enlisted in the US Army next. After attending Officer Candidate School, he became a Field Artillery officer, schooled in everything from ballistics to heavy weapons. He is experienced with heavy weapons and combat explosives and an expert with small arms. The technical skills he developed in the service have been invaluable to him as he writes his thrillers. He traveled through three continents – North America, Europe, and Asia, and lived in Hawaii for years. After discharge, it was time to literally put food on the table. He worked as a cook, manager, and a successful owner of restaurants.

Family is important to him and he has a large, extended one with twelve children. Before retiring to help raise his family, he taught music and dabbled with music composition. Officially, he retired so he could write and spend time with his family.

Now writing under the name J W Bell, Jerry has lived both the quiet and the action-packed times that come with a full life. He is familiar with work, play, smiles and tears, but most of all cries of joy and pain, giving him the ability to put himself into a character’s shoes to write about them convincingly, until the story rolls off the page, exploding through the reader’s mind, letting them live the story with him.