My Upcoming Book

School started last week, and all but one of the kids are doing virtual school. We are in the midst of quite an adventure. While trying with herculean efforts to make the long-distance learning work, it seems the school system may be upside down on the learning curve. I cannot blame the teachers, not one… Continue reading My Upcoming Book

Ah, Life!

Things are still sliding into a normal behavior, but that doesn’t mean we are heading back to the way things were. I think we can wave goodbye to all of that. I’m glad some things and methods of behavior, have gone on to never, never land, but we need a sense of normalcy. Don’t you… Continue reading Ah, Life!

What Do We Do Now?

The pandemic is supposed to be past its peak. At least that is what the news reports. However, the next line in many of those same stories point to the grave possibility of a second, third, maybe fourth wave. To make the sting even worse, people gesticulate for our attention to tell us of the… Continue reading What Do We Do Now?

What will we do?

Here we are amid the Pandemic. A cloud of unease settled like a thick fog over everything. It is surreal. It draws memories of all the dystopian novels and movies I’ve read or seen. My wife and I keep reminding each other that this is not a novel but the truth of life today. The… Continue reading What will we do?

We All Have Our Problems

I write this at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic. China’s cases are declining finally, and the U.S. cases are ramping up. The disease is in most states, including my own, Arkansas. The reactions I see by the individual governors are like the varied ways different commanders work their part of a significant war plan —… Continue reading We All Have Our Problems

How’s Life You?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. I have. Getting to spend time with my family has been great, and there have been a few things that developed. The most notable is the release of my newest novel, The Great Zero-Sum. It is always nerve-racking when I release a new book. A lot… Continue reading How’s Life You?

The Great Zero-Sum

This month has been so busy so far. I’m talking busy, about as active as a cat chasing a laser light dot. That’s right, and there were times when I was just as fruitful as that damn cat too. It seemed like thousands of things begged a piece of me. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration… Continue reading The Great Zero-Sum