Links to Recomended Websites

I’m gathering together several links to websites of people who I think are worth a look or two. Some are authors, some editors, and at least one is an artist who does book covers. I also listed the host of my web page. Take a look!

Recomended Authors

— Cat Connor writes some of the best thrillers out there. Her Bite series is top notch! —

— Eliot Summers books —


— Jojo NeonStarr does some of the best covers out there and she is very reasonable when it comes to price. Well worth the money. —

Southern Cuisine

— Yvonne Oots has her hand on some of the best food recipes. Unbelivably delicious.–

Book Editor

— Jayne Southern is a top notch editor. She is extremely knowledgable and very reasonable. Ask for the special rate offered Indies and newbies —


— Indies on the web handles my website and domain. The prices are reasonable and they are very professional —