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Everyone wants a chunk of old Stan

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Released date: 21st April 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1-944077-31-0

ISBN-10: 1-944077-31-6


Everyone wants a chunk of old Stan. An anti-terrorism Federal Task Force, a group of conspirators and the local arm of Isis want him dead. And a female assassin is on the hunt for him. Hell, even his shrink tries to turn him in. It’s a chaotic situation search-and-destroy mission with guns blazing, smartass comments flying, and unexpected twists all the way to the gunshot at the end.

A confused, inept man with an unusual memory problem, searches for his past and finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy, terrorism, and bloody vengeance

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The Great Zero-Sum

The title The Great Zero Sum floats in an orange explosion in front of a black background. The detonation appears to have happened on top of the authors name, J.W. Bell

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Colonel Colton is a mean SOB, harsh, and mean. He lives and fights his way, and he’s relentless. Someone attacks him, helicopters, and all. His response is to gather his old team — and then a private war begins. Not only do the commandos face aggressive enemies, but they also battle haunting memories too. No matter where they go, the enemy always finds them, and they are ferocious. The fighting follows until the enemy is exposed, and a final secret opens, revealing …