To Publish or Not to Publish

I tried to start this blog twice already, and the different trains of thought disappeared both times. It just shows that things don’t always happen the way you want them to. The weather outside is rough now, too, another thing that’s not going the way I might wish. The kids are watching a show on… Continue reading To Publish or Not to Publish

Do You See Things in Black and White?

The day is quiet around the house, today. The kids have their noses stuck into their schoolbooks to wade through a class or two or raise their grades. We elected not to send the kids to the brick-and-mortar school again this year. The pandemic is still raging in our part of the world, and I… Continue reading Do You See Things in Black and White?

My Upcoming Book

School started last week, and all but one of the kids are doing virtual school. We are in the midst of quite an adventure. While trying with herculean efforts to make the long-distance learning work, it seems the school system may be upside down on the learning curve. I cannot blame the teachers, not one… Continue reading My Upcoming Book