To Publish or Not to Publish

I tried to start this blog twice already, and the different trains of thought disappeared both times. It just shows that things don’t always happen the way you want them to. The weather outside is rough now, too, another thing that’s not going the way I might wish. The kids are watching a show on… Continue reading To Publish or Not to Publish

Why Do We Have the Arts?

I love writing. It’s not so much typing the keys, but more along the lines of selecting the right words. I suppose it is similar to a painter selecting the correct pigments for their pallet. Perhaps it is akin to a sculptor selecting the perfect stone, chisels, for music, the right notes, and the choreographer’s… Continue reading Why Do We Have the Arts?

Are You Self-Aware?

It is time for another blog. I know it has been a couple of weeks, and believe me, the time has slipped away. The glib use of the word time here is necessary, so most people will understand what I mean. It is tricky because that isn’t the way I envision time to be — I don’t… Continue reading Are You Self-Aware?

Christmas for a Writer!

I have had a new experience in the last few months. I’vebeen writing a non-fiction book. I usually write novels, more specifically, thrillers. I write them because that’s what I like to read, the tenseness, the suspense, all of it. The creative juices that work as the story unfolds has extraordinary bliss connected with it… Continue reading Christmas for a Writer!