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Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my website.

Thank you for visiting; come on in and look around. The site tells you who I am, what I do, and what books I’ve published.

Let’s dive right in. I write thrillers, and while my fiction is military thrillers, they do not focus specifically on the military. The books are more friendly to the military. When I write about missions, I use actual terminology and equipment that Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines use when performing those missions. There is also colorful language. This language is not an attempt to say all military people swear. However, many of them do, and I want to be realistic.

Remember, I write fiction. The keyword is fiction. All my characters have originated in my mind. The places might be accurate, but they have fictitious premises.

I do write non-fiction too. It should be easy to tell if my books are fiction or non-fiction. Fiction stories have characters, and they have a larger plot than life. The non-fiction things have easy-to-follow and realistic non-fiction premises.

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