Why Do We Argue?

So, I woke up today and started my day. If you thought about it, you might have noticed I did not say, “rolled out of bed.” I haven’t rolled out of bed for quite some time. A couple of reasons for that — I’m getting old, and I got hurt a few months ago. I… Continue reading Why Do We Argue?

Do You See Things in Black and White?

The day is quiet around the house, today. The kids have their noses stuck into their schoolbooks to wade through a class or two or raise their grades. We elected not to send the kids to the brick-and-mortar school again this year. The pandemic is still raging in our part of the world, and I… Continue reading Do You See Things in Black and White?

Are You Self-Aware?

It is time for another blog. I know it has been a couple of weeks, and believe me, the time has slipped away. The glib use of the word time here is necessary, so most people will understand what I mean. It is tricky because that isn’t the way I envision time to be — I don’t… Continue reading Are You Self-Aware?

Can We Grow Up?

Mercy. This blog has taken a long time. I started it three times, and each time so far, I didn’t say what I intended to say. Things are still in upheaval since my accident. The kids are trying to take advantage too. When they do their chores, they try shortcuts and, at times, not doing… Continue reading Can We Grow Up?

A Broken Back Means Your Dead, Right?

The last blog I published talked about writing, and I finished it before I had my accident. I went ahead, posted it with the idea that I would address the accident on this blog. A week ago, a potentially life-changing occurrence happened to me. I walked outside, lost my balance, and fell on the brick… Continue reading A Broken Back Means Your Dead, Right?

Are You Tough Enough to Be a Writer?

This last week has been a strange one. Of course, you have to know it snowed a little. Okay, a whole buttload. (That is not the actual name of a measure. The word butt is a measurement of alcohol; it’s a keg.) We got caught in the path of two snowstorms, one following the other… Continue reading Are You Tough Enough to Be a Writer?

That’s Life!

It’s another morning at the old homestead. I spent the first half-hour trying to get dress while the younger kids took turns coming in to tell me they were hungry. That’s right. I do the cooking. The wife has other things occupying her; not the least is keeping me from doing stupid shit. It seems… Continue reading That’s Life!