Gibberish Is A Part of Life

Hello everyone. I thought I’d dash off a blog and let you know what’s in the air around here. The thing that kicks everything off is typing. Many writers disagree with me on this. They contend that before fingers type, there needs to be a plan. You know, like a requirement of where the writing is to travel, some idea of a premise. I do that about 50% of the time. Sometimes I use my typing to help find the premise, and that has to do with the subconscious. I’ll type until my fingers show me the way. For me, it aids creativity.

I will say the premise thing is essential. If there is no focus, no point, then why write? It would be a jumble of words. I’ll agree that writing does need a premise, or a direction, before anything more than gibberish can appear. And nobody likes gibberish. However, it can be funny or ironic.

A long time ago, my roommate in college had to present his Senior Project, an experiment with a hamster and …. Well, it doesn’t matter what his project was. What matters here is the paper he needed to distribute to his professor and peers. This was in the dark ages, before computers and photostatic copy machines, and he about thirty copies. To do that, he had to use a mimeograph machine.

Before everyone goes crazy trying to find out what that machine does or did, I’ll explain. It was a primitive copy machine that used stencils to duplicate pages. There was a drum with the stencil clipped to it, and it rotated once for each individual page. The stencils were a colossal pain in the toches. If there were any mistakes, the stencil had to be re-drafted. For a rookie, it was time-consuming in the extreme. He worked on it right up to presentation time.

The grand time arrived; he distributed his paper and was off. He presented things methodically, and as he came to his concluding sentence, the one that tied it all up, he stared at his paper. His mouth moved, but no sound escaped.

When he’d typed that sentence, his hand slid over on the home row, and his fingers had produced gibberish. He later told me his entire college life flashed through his mind. I thought it was funny at the time. Him, not so much.


Just now, a goat came running, bouncing, through the room. Crazy, huh? I’m sitting in my easy chair with my laptop, and a young goat kid bounded through the living room. I assume her name is Daisy since several voices screamed that name as she jumped through and ended on top of the sofa back, stood there like God sculpted her there, and just as quickly rebounded out of the room. 

Does anyone doubt that there is a menagerie here? Honestly, though, goats aren’t allowed in the house. They shouldn’t be anyway. I’ll have to check on why Daisy was allowed. I’m sure she didn’t teleport into the house, but you never know around here.

I woke up this morning to a notification of a text from my wife who is in nursing school and currently working overnights in the Emergency Room. She let me know we’re puppy sitting for a friend for about four days. Hell, I’ll bet we could make some pocket change charging people by carloads to drive through the acreage and look at the animals.

I need to change direction a little and talk about the upcoming release of Recall. The new cover is great. It focuses on a shattered window, reminiscent of broken memories. That fits the book. What do you think?

All the shoot-em-up aspects of the novel are still there, but I changed the cover and name, fixed some plot blunders, and polished the story more producing a polished book and is now available for preorder on Draft 2 Digital, Apple Books, Amazon, Barns, and Noble, and Kobo. Click on the available links, and they will whisk you right to it. They are also displayed on the Indies United Publishing House website (all kinds of wonderful books can be found at the IUPH site, not just mine).

Well, I’m back again. I know you didn’t realize I’d gone, but all hell broke loose in the house, and I had to referee a few boxing and shouting matches. I also found that I needed to do some work around the house. It has been years since I had to twink the mechanics on a bicycle. However, one of the girls was heartbroken because someone broke into the yard to destroy her bike, ripping off the chain and mangling every possible … 

Well, anyway, she knew deep within herself that it was done with malice and premeditation, and it smacked of perfect planning, all with the intent of destroying her life. I assured her that we would tune the bike up and be ready to go before sunset.

On an aside. Those of you who elected not to have kids or had trouble having a family miss many things in life need to consider adoption. A whole vista of life experience opens when you do. Catherine and I did, and let me tell you, when you sign the adoption papers, it tightens you up all over. It happened to me every time, no matter how well prepared I thought I was.

Becoming responsible for other human beings is terrific. I won’t say it is easy. Hell no. It isn’t easy, but without that responsibility, you miss out.

Yeah, I know the little humans take up a monumental amount of time, and spontaneity changes; you can’t just slip off on a road trip to get reacquainted with your Honey. But on the other hand, will you get up in the middle of the night because the tykes legs hurt or tummy aches. Ah, now you say you did not want to get up in the middle of the night for that crap. But I’m telling you that you miss out if you haven’t. 

Are that kind of unplanned events a pain in the ass? Indubitably, they are also a source of satisfaction. Life is so full of things that seem contradictory. That is one of the significant points of life — experiencing. That way, you can see for yourself. Through events like those, the universe knits your life together in a neat little package.

Well, enough about how tricky life is. Let me get back to the upcoming release of Recall. We will release it on July 13th, but in anticipation, you can preorder any time. I think you should. You need to order it right now.

After Recall releases, the next book to publish will be my first non-fiction book. I think you will find it interesting. I’m getting ready to hand it over to my editor, Jayne Southern, for her to do her magic. Then, it’s off and running.

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  1. Yvonne+Oots

    Loved your writing…when I write a story… it comes from my brain straight to the keyboard. Making notes only confuses me.

    1. jerrywbe

      Thanks Yvonne. I find planning only pushes the story away.

  2. Jon E

    Enjoyed this including the actual disrupted flow! I don’t miss the chaos but kids keep you young!

    1. jerrywbe

      Yes, they do! I’ve said for years that they are either keeping me young or killing me quicker! I think the former rather than the later.

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