That Thing That Tells You Everything Is Right

Have you ever had, umm …  a spark or energy buzzing around inside of you? I have that feeling right now. It’s akin to writer’s block but the opposite. Instead of being unable to write, it identifies to me as a need or urge or something that must happen at all costs.

The attraction part is magnificently important. It is usually something unidentifiable, a nebulous feeling of attraction. In me, it comes across as a drive that is damn near the feeling of unquenchable thirst, but it isn’t a drink I crave.

What does all this mean?

For years I thought of it as a visionary feeling of an approaching great day. Many people have that feeling, maybe everybody: a DeJa’Vu—ish kind of thing.

But I have changed my mind about the interpretation of it. Over time it clarified, like gazing through crystal — it now means to me that I am in the right place to do whatever needs doing.

It’s as if all the forces in the universe intersect and bear down on me in such a way as to support or force me and nudge me further. It feels like a small, clay fence restricting my movements to goad me in a particular direction.

That last little bit is a bizarre description, and I don’t know why that picture came to me, except perhaps …. Let me see if I can explain the irony of it.

When I was young (a long time ago), one of my first nightmares frightened me in a way that I thought was eternal. It recurred and re-occurred throughout my childhood and into my adult life. It was simple. I was a clay ball free to roll everywhere I wanted in my exuberance, but quite unexpectedly, rows of wooden toothpicks appeared, standing up like a picket fence. The spontaneous rows moved of their own accord, changing direction and ultimately directing where I, as the clay ball, became forced to roll.

Looking back, maybe the most frightening thing was just that; I was forced. I know that doesn’t sound too scary, but as a young lad, it scared the shit out of me, and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know why.

Why are the two mental visions so close, with one hauntingly terrifying and the other buzzing with excitement? The most ironic thing about the earlier sensation is using clay as a funneling force, like my nightmare toothpick fences. I suppose part of it might be that I am older now with more experience in life, but that’s like a colander. It doesn’t hold water.

No, I think it is due to the attraction I discussed earlier.

Why should a simple thing like that make such a difference? To me, attraction is one of two significant interactions throughout life. They are the attraction, which I envision as love, and the repulsion, which I think of as change or violence. I deal with these two concepts in my upcoming book, but right now, let me say they balance the universe in ways that many don’t want to understand.

Now, back to the attraction. This feeling I described at the beginning of my blog is a buzz with attraction. It moves to me; it moves me; there is a totality to it, but through it all, there is an expectation of peace to be had. The attraction is not the tranquil kind of peace but instead a resolution yet to be.

To follow up on that idea, I must tell you, life winds every way. With each twist, each turn, there are new directions to romp through. The thing is, attraction pulls us into everything; whether we see it as good or bad at the time, we make our way. At least, that is what we think. We live and love according to what we feel in our inner selves.

Do you depend on, or at least recognize, these feelings in yourself? As I said before, I think most people have them. It would be up to the person whether they pay attention to the sensations.

Adding to that is a robust number of people in the world that pay attention; it would be amazing to find out how many. Just imagine. All those people in the world have an internal excitement telling them that they are in precisely the right place, doing the right thing, and most probably the correct way.

Let me stop and draw a correlation here. The news reminds us of the war in Ukraine, the missiles flying out of North Korea, and the politicking in the United States. It ought to give some tiny bit of comfort to know many people have that underlying sense that everything is all right.

Please don’t misunderstand, though. I am not saying everything is hunky-dory with the entire world entering another Garden of Eden. I am saying people are in exactly the right place, where they belong.

But to do what?

That is the question the world must ask. Each person must question, “What is the best thing I can do?” And then do it. Sure, it may not be anything focused, but it would have a cumulative effect on the world. What if everyone did what they knew in their heart to be the correct thing to do?

Boggles the mind.

So, after doing what you know to be correct, how about relaxing? I have an excellent idea. Grab a book. That almost always helps me relax, even if it happens to be a thriller or suspense novel. How about looking here? Or picking up my latest book, Recall. After a day full of doing what’s right, sit down and curl up with a good book.

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  1. Yvonne+Oots

    Excellent piece…. Yes, we are in the right place at the right time… I have always believed that.

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