Good Days and Bad Days

These are the days.

I have significant days and days that are mox-nix. If you don’t understand what mox-mix means, it is an Americanization of the German macht nicht  meaning; it doesn’t matter. A rough approximation of give a shit. So … many days don’t matter. I’m not saying there are days with no purpose. There is a purpose for every second, but every second may not apply to all purposes.  

We have our lives to reach our potential. Hell, a bunch of people think that is the purpose of life. There are a whole lot of days that jump out for me to reach my potential, but …

Wait, You, too?

See? That’s how personal development works.  

I spent scores of years attempting development — searching inside and out, seeking the best way to evolve. I’m not talking about going to the next evolutionary step, beyond human. What I’m writing about is personal learning, becoming a better person, and just living — existing at my best.  

Do you live at your best, completing things and living up to your potential? Most of us will say, “sure.” Then hesitation blows in like errant smoke, there is a full four-seconds, and then a query, “Don’t I?” 

Are like me? Multiple apparitions haunt me from when I failed to live up to my expectations. And strangely enough, I don’t follow right up with things correctly done.  

I’ve written novels for years, but my next book isn’t fiction. (Side shrug), some may think it qualifies. The thing is, it’s chock-full of my thoughts. Now before you conclude it’s full of stuff nobody needs to know about. You know what I mean. The kind of mishmash that populates everyone’s thoughts — the jumble that springs to mind that only makes sense to the thinker, or perhaps images about which nobody needs, or even wants to know. Private things aren’t included in the book. There’s no need for that; there are plenty more things of interest. 

I finished editing the whole thing yesterday. I know what you’re thinking if you know anything about writing — there is always room for more editing! 

But not this time. It’s done. 

I even chose the final name. I Am — Therefore, I Think. I know. It sounds pretentious, but it’s not intended to be. The intention is about daring everyone to work their gray matter to see what they can find. 

I chose a cover for it too. I’ll have a cover reveal in a few weeks. If I wait, everyone’s imagination can have an opportunity to get involved in it. Also, it can be mysterious. Woohoo. 

As you may know, I have had several significant days here lately. Momentous days aren’t always good, either; it’s the bad days that are important, the disappointing and unwelcome days that turn out to be the most powerful. It is those days that create more dramatic changes in all of us, not the spectacularly happy-go-lucky ones.  

After a little stewing and contemplation, I’ve come to think the jubilant days tend to be there more for added flavor, while the miserable ones change us. That doesn’t mean they don’t add their own flavor, like bitters in a drink. But they are the impetus that changes the river of our lives — the rock, dam, or mudslide forcing change, a new direction. 

It is just hard to endure. I’ve never had the experience, but movies abound with waterboarding scenes. Imagination flourishes. The more bitter the drink, the more the gagging.  

Lately I’ve been choking. It’s from the kind of thing that more than half of married people experience; I am now separate from my wife. I put it out there because people ask what’s up, and while I loved tap dancing when I was younger, I don’t care to do it now. My legs aren’t up for it anymore, aging sucks. At least this split-up is the kind where the kids will suffer the least of those involved. There is no fighting. We refuse to ruin their lives. That happens way too often. I got caught in that once, not again. 

Right now, I’m enjoying time with them as they do their own kid things — games, TV, arguing, name calling, hugging, and practicing sibling snobbery. The usual things. Did I mention kvetching about chores? I like that word, kvetching. It means to chronic complaining, and they do that. Anyway, the kids aren’t happy about their parents’ situation, but at least their lives haven’t changed much, and we’re determined to keep that from happening.

How is everyone else? Have you thought about visiting the website of the Indies United Publishing House? I know it is abrupt, but the books there are wonderful. They have several kinds, all very good. Check them out. 

The next thing is … I know I talked about my upcoming book, but have you read Recall? It’s my latest book out. The eBook doesn’t cost much at all. Get it now! 

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  1. Paul Hoyt

    Thanks for opening up, Jerry. I am really looking forward to your next book!

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