I Am, Therefore I Think


I Am, Therefore I Think

Musings about the Universe

J.W. Bell


Hello everyone. I have been anticipating this day for a long while. Today, I am revealing my new book’s cover and announcing the release date. I displayed the cover below. 

Placed under the cover is the review of the book by the Prairie Book Review, which is a book review publication and website. Under that is a review by The Book Commentary, another publication review service. These services give honest reviews and unbiased critiques of books for the publishing world. Both organizations are reputable parts of the industry. Check their links out for reputable reviews of books for which you might be looking. I have chosen to print their reviews only in part as they do belong to their writers. I had planned to publish them in their enirety, with favorable and unfavorable remarks, so you get the real flair. But since they belong to the writers, here’s what I will do. I will present snippets and a link to where the review resides on their website. That way you can see the whole things. After all, what good is a review if it isn’t honest? N’est-ce pas? (that’s French for “Isn’t that so?”)

Also, check out the Indies United website, because as you can see, the cover is exciting, and Lisa Orban did the cover design. Who is she? Lisa keeps herself sharp by not only designing covers but also formatting books, all the while spearheading Indies United Publishing House as the Chief Mucky-Muck (CMM). That last thing the wonderful woman does can be the most challenging; it includes keeping temperamental authors feeling gratified and pumped up about the rough road of publishing. She does this in real time navigating the everyday business and trials of running a publishing house. Listen up young women, and men, all of you want to be a competent as this woman!



Prairie Book Review — The Prairies Book Review – Book Review Service (<– link) The full review is available at this link.

“An insightful collection of life philosophy and musings that beautifully provides food for thought about personal growth…”

. “…Over the course of the book, he covers numerous heady concepts, such as how imagination is critical to the process of creativity, the significance of existing in harmony with everything rather than trying to restructure the entire Universe, the concept of active and passive tension, falling in love with life and feeling a sense of kinship with it among others…”

 “…Original, unique: transforming…”


The Book Commentary — The Book Commentary: Book Reviews & Recommendations(<–link)

Five Star Rating.

To view the entire review, please click here.

“I Am, Therefore I Think by Jerry Bell is a book with a strong appeal to fans of philosophy, a collection of essays that examines the thinking process and demonstrates the human person’s ability to attain knowledge…” 

“…The author writes about the primary principle of self-knowledge appreciating the universe and the world within,”… examines the proverbial sexist argument that pits male against female, discusses the place of imagination and creativity in the art of thinking, demonstrates how love is the central energy of the universe, and brilliantly presents themes like time — considered as something completely different from the ordinary understanding as a force that happens one minute after another— tolerance, divine harmony, balance, and a lot more…”

“… Readers will understand why it is important to know who they really are, how they function, and what makes them do what they do…” 

“…Jerry Bell offers reflections that are illuminating and in prose that is not only accessible but engaging in I Am, Therefore I Think...” 

The release date is May 24, 2023. Tell your friends!

Buy it now.

You can pre-order your copy through Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel, Apple Books, Kobo, Draft 2 Digital, Ingram Sparks, and wherever you can buy good books. The projected price of the e-book will be $9.99, but if you pre-order, it will be $4.99. There are Paperbacks available, as are Hardbacks.

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