It’s Been A while

Hello everyone!

Let me explain why I have been absent from my blog. These last few weeks have been rough. Alas, I fell sick.

Three weeks ago, I felt terrible and had a terrific cough (it’s still with me too). That nasty old Covid bug reached out and bit me. I took my temp and had a low-grade fever. So, my wonderful wife came home with some Covid tests. It didn’t take long before the positive marks appeared, not only mine: all but one of my kids still at home and my wife didn’t have it. Oh, sorry, let me back up; I made a mistake. I need to call the healthy child a young lady. She tells me she is not a child. So let me do that part again; my wife and one young lady were the only ones that escaped infection.

The week progressed with the illness proceeding to kick my ass, my head, my chest, and several places on my body fully ached and throbbed. I didn’t have to upchuck, but it felt like the possibility was but seconds away. The thing that worried us the most was my oxygen level. It should be 100% or at least close but my level hovered in the low 90th percentile with occasional drips below that. Pneumonia was a concern.

The whole experience was terrible enough to command respect from me. The pandemic lassoed me like an outlaw cowboy and hogtied me, although it was not bad enough corral me in the hospital. The reason for that, I will say, I had access to some things most people don’t unless they check into the hospital — breathing treatments and oxygen tubes stuck up my nose. Don’t you hate those little tubes up your nose? The only thing missing was the soft beep, beep, beep in the background.

Hell, even my kids actively monitored how much and how hard I coughed. That was spooky.

As things progressed, I gradually felt better, coughed less, and my oxygen level improved. After a couple of weeks, I took another test and no more Covid. The cough is still there, sad to say, and there may be lung damage. I’ll have to have scans to tell how much, but the oxygen level did not bounce back. There is a chance that are my lungs are wounded and looks as if my lungs suffered long-lasting damage. It’s not too hard to breathe. It is just harder than it used to be.

To me, the Covid pandemic looks like everyone will get it sooner or later. There are so many mutations of it. Most of you may not even know when it arrives. I will tell you, that once it does, it will change many things, not just personal hygiene.

Now that I explained my absence, I need to get down to my original thought for this blog. I had intended to send this out on July 13, the release date for my book Recall.

I still think it is worthwhile to mention. To those who bought the book when it was The Sigma Factor, don’t forget my editor and I changed things. The plot is still there, but now there is more realism, more suspense. The price is $4.99 for the digital copies, although the paperback sells for $11.99 (from Amazon only right now).

If you haven’t gotten a previous copy, buy it, you’re in for a treat.

The world of Sigma Chronicles absorbs the reader in the action and intrigue. Throughout it all, the question Stan asks is why? It Reverberates. When the answer comes, the same question arises, but now directed toward something else. The question moves through the story like sand blown in the desert. Why?

Buy it now. You will love it.

Buy it here: Draft 2 Digital, Apple Books, Amazon, Angus Robertson, Kobo, Thalia, Scribd.

Please check out Indies United Publishing House. It is worth your time.

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  1. Yvonne Oots

    Sorry to read about your illness. Are you taking Vitamin D tablets? Also, I love the new title and the reworking of your book.

    1. jerrywbe

      I thought you knew about the dreaded Covid. I take many pills, I’ll have to look.

  2. Beanie

    Since the beginning of the pandemic I take zinc, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, and elderberry, and I drink a ton of water . I’ve been around many people who found out they tested positive after I was around them, including my husband April 2021. I’ve been blessed with not having Covid yet. And even though I’m fully vaccinated, doesn’t mean you can’t get it. When my husband had it, he could barely stand up he was so weak.I made him drink bone broth, which one of my daughters made from scratch, because he wouldn’t eat solids. I hope your side effects heal quickly…

    1. jerrywbe

      I hope they will too. Thanks for telling me about Zink, vitamin D and the others. Thank you for reading, too.

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