How Much Have We Lost?

There are numerous subjects to write about, so many that it is hard to decide what direction to go. Daily, I stew over what to weigh-in on next before I choose a subject. I’ve been working yeoman’s hours to improve my writing and readability. There may have been times though, that I’ve lost my way and floundered. But maybe not.

After periodic inspections, a pattern always appears. Well, maybe not always, but those times when no epiphany presented for me, it simply meant that whatever befuddled me hadn’t been resolved. This happens on regular occasions, much more than I care to say.

The heart of a writer is our thoughts, the way we think. It may appear strange to some because there is a huge learning curve for actual writing. It takes years to learn how to put letters together effectively.

I talked about arts a few months ago, but let me go in another direction this time; this time I want to talk about skills.

There are several talents needed to be successful in the arts. That’s right, arts–all arts.

The most obvious is the need for creativity. This is the ability to use the creative process somewhat on command. It is this creativity that probably drew the artist to the particular art form, to begin with. This is what people commonly refer to as being a natural artist.

Then there is the technical skill of the artist. This is field-specific. Several things enter here. An example is a writer knowing the skills associated with basic grammar and sentence structure, how to pace, working with dialogue, and forms of the novel, poetry, or article.

Parallel technical skills need to be on call for graphic artists, musical composers, and the performance skills of actors, musicians, and dancers.

These technical skills often take years to develop to the level demanded of notoriety. The fostering of technique can come about through schooling, tutoring, mentoring, and experience. The last is sometimes referred to as “hard knocks” or dues. Whatever path the artist chooses; it is the development of techniques that is often the most time-consuming.

Unfortunately, often the world remains blind to an individual artist until after the artist turned to dust, and their production of art ceases. While it is extraordinary that their works become discovered at this stage, it is tragic too. The world’s blindness robbed everyone of the chance to talk with, and ask questions of a unique viewpoint, perspective, and philosophy; one that might enlighten people even more.

This alone begs the question: how many artists have all if us in the world overlooked, never discovered, declined to see their enlightenment and understanding, and failed to view life through their unique aspects, their attitude or slant? How much enrichment has the world forgone in its blindness?

Where could our understanding of life and edification be if even one of us recognized the truth as seen by one lonely artist? After all, without artists, wouldn’t we still be in caves with naked walls, grunting to be understood?

There are undiscovered artists out there this damn minute that will embellish everyone’s existence if given a chance. 

How about helping to find them?

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  1. Yvonne+Oots

    I totally agree with the “artist”. Hopefully, more people will learn that. Sometimes just walking down a grocery aisle and seeing the same thing repeatedly. It Sparkes a story, sometimes a thriller and occasionally a comedy.
    Loved this..

    1. jerrywbe

      It takes time for many people to understand. Thanks for reading and commenting. I always live your input.

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