What A Great Day!

Today is an anxious day. It is release day! I have several projects I’m working on right now, but the one at the top of the list is I Am, Therefore I Think — Musings about the Universe.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long. I might need a short explanation for those who are not authors and may not understand. Publishing a book is a grueling process where everyone concerned works in a concerted effort to produce something entertaining and knowledgeable, fit for the public to read. 

Even with this process, it doesn’t mean the product will appeal to everyone. That is why the author selects an audience to write for. The audience can be large or small of various ages and education levels. Writers like Stephen King and James Patterson firmly grasp their audience. Other books are written for a particular audience but perhaps don’t hit that mark. The book the author sweated blood over may be well crafted and fly like a perfect arrow, but it never hits the mark.

This situation happens more than you might think, especially when the author is close to the rookie stage.

I’ve written about the trials of writing before, so I’ll move onward. 

My new book is an attempt to study and explore the big questions in life. A concise description of it is this; it is my viewpoint of the Universe. Now before you let that inner curtain slam down, like a teenager sensing a lecture after being caught in the act of wrongdoing in the car. You might enjoy the read. First off, there is no lecture. There is a conversation between the reader and me in which I answer truthfully and as completely as possible. You can always fall back on deciding I’m dumber than a crazed weasel. 

As it happens, the target audience is you. I wrote the book to appeal to the widest audience possible. The book might not be for everyone; my seven-year-olds probably wouldn’t understand it. However, they might enjoy a couple of stories about their grandfather. 

There are so many plusses in the book. I wrote it to be an easy read. It is entertaining, and I don’t shy away from the hard questions. Yes, I know it sounds like the book is an endurance test, but can you tell yourself you haven’t asked yourself what is good and evil, how time work, and how karma works? The explanations are not the average speculation; some are close to the shore, and others swim in deep water. All are enjoyable.

Regarding the heavy subject matter, there is enough for you to tap a shoulder and cut in the dance.

Now, here’s the catch. I don’t claim the book is correct. The book explains how I view the world around me, and there are some things in there that might surprise you. The discussions are an excellent chance to shake up your mind as to whether I’m a crazy, doddering old man or not. 

Do you not have a specific point of view? Perhaps you might expand your point of view if only to say; I know I don’t like that point of view. Reading it is your chance to see inside my brain.

Let me assure you that I cannot begin to understand everything and believe me; I make no claims to solving the big questions. I just said that I explore the big questions. Yes, I did. And I reach conclusions too. The difference is I reached them for me, not for you, or physicists, not for theologians — me. You are the one that must decide for yourself. No one else can. Who knows. My ideas may give you an idea that will answer the questions as far as you are concerned.

That would be fabulous.

You will find an enjoyable read that tickles your imagination. Pick it up. You will enjoy it. Click here.

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  1. Paul Hoyt

    Congratulations Jerry! I love the book!

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