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I struggled with this blog. I tried to scratch it out for a couple of weeks, and still, I haven’t gotten it written. It isn’t because I’ve experienced the dreaded writer’s block. I have written a lot during that time and even finished one; however, it wasn’t right. Something was missing.

Today, I have found the missing part. I’m working on a promotion. I’ll tell you about it later.

It was done but not done. It was in the noggin; I hadn’t located it.

Now what do I mean by that? For those of you that haven’t read my book, I am, Therefore, I Think I refer to the concept that everything happens in the now time frame– no yesterday, no tomorrow, no overmorrow. Just now. And if you follow that concept far enough, then free will and destiny collide. If you examine from the day-to-day experience, you have free will, and at the other end of the conceptualized continuum, looking at the total, then everything has already happened. The long lines of what you do daily are complete — destiny.

Can you understand how this blog can appear done yet still needs doing? What I’m coming to realize is I happen to be existing in an area of flux. That sounds like a little SyFi. But it’s not. I’m not stuck in a transport beam. All of us go through times of flux throughout our lives. The most notable is puberty. Then there is the opposite as we change from breeding age to nonbreeding ages; women nickname theirs the change. We men pretend it doesn’t happen to us.

I say bullshit to that. Of course, we change. It isn’t as dramatic and maybe not as concentrated as what women experience. Ours happen over a longer period. Can anyone tell me that a doddering old guy didn’t experience a change from his thirties, forties, and fifties?

But back to the flux at hand.

Anticipation has me. Whatever it is, it isn’t anything like expecting a tragedy. It is more like knowing something wonderful is in the offing. There isn’t anything that makes me anxious, either. It’s as though I’m looking ahead through some days that call for endurance. These days may be full of nothing in particular, or there may be something I don’t like, but I will have to transition through.

So, what could it be that I am anticipating? I’ll shrug and say: I don’t know. The only thing I can come up with is, it is something like Tony or Romeo in West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet, respectively. The two stories are the same but not everyone is familiar with them both. At the beginning of their stories, during their introduction, they have an anticipatory air proclaiming something is coming. Of course, things happened for them.

I had a teacher whose favorite phrase was. “Something is awry!” I think that fits here but in a good way.

Ah, well, I will continue with my everyday life and wait until I discover what I’m sensing.

By the way, I have another book coming; I will release it in December of this year. It is the second book in my series The Sigma Chronicles. Yes, a sequel to Recall. Those who read the first book will immediately know the characters, well, there are some new ones, but you will like them. The book is entitled, The Dao. It is, as the name might imply, set in Asia.

The Army stationed me in Korea. I had a wonderful time there and used my experiences as a background to bring that culture alive.

I plan on revealing the cover in my next blog post, and you will love it. I do. The cover does such a great job of presenting the many facets of Stan, the lead character, with all his varied visiting personalities.

For those who have yet to acquire a copy of Recall, the first in the series, I am giving a free digital copy to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. Just click here. Once I receive a notification that you’ve signed up, I will send you a code to your email address for you to pick up your copy At Smashwords. Yup, free! And I don’t want those that already signed up to be short-changed. I am including the code in this newsletter for you to use. 

To use the coupon, you must use the codes at Smashwords.

And don’t forget to visit the Indies United Publishing House website. It’s unbelievable how many good books are there.


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  1. Lisa Towles

    Great post Jerry and I can relate to some of this certainly. Always interested in the back story behind what and how writers write 🙂

  2. Paul Hoyt

    Very cool! I’m eager to read your next book!

  3. Jon Elliott

    Great post Jerry… I think you missed your calling as a preacher! You do make me think sometimes!

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